It’s about impressions, the option to try something you’ve never done before, to experience another reality.

This is what people are short of in their daily routine:

Regular office meetings are far removed from audiences of chivalry at the Round table, and there's no chance to meet dwarfs or trolls in their lairs. Of course, your day can be challenging and full of emotions, but no one could deny that they might want to become a spaceship captain to prevent / commit the robbery of a century, to visit foreign countries or even other worlds?

At least to spend an hour on it...

That’s what is hidden beyond the door in each room of your quest: it’s an adventure that you will not forget.

We are not the first ones who came with an idea of computer quests in reality. At the foundation of International quests, the quests like ‘escape room’ had already existed in Europe and Asia, but they were limited to simple puzzle rooms without any spectacular decorations and backstories. As for us, we are focused on details from the very start. This supposes that the degree of immersion primarily depends on the elaborate development of the plot and background. And it definitely has an effect on people’s impressions, as they expect to experience something different here. Our aim is to propel our quests to the next quality level, and become the people's premier escape game attraction. We are not willing to rest on our laurels. We continue with the creation of new quests and move toward the new formats.

What comes next?  We intend to create something new and outstanding...So stay in touch.