Secrets of the Abandoned Circus

Difficulty: Medium

Players: 2 - 14+

There is an abandoned circus that shows white with a torn skeleton of its tent on the skirts of the town. Long ago, the wind has blown away its flags and bright show bills, the rain has washed out the odd paint out of carousel, and time exerted no mercy toward the former glory of this area. Though, what’s that strange spark that has gleamed for the moment in the interior of side chambers and pulled out from the darkness the crooked figure?

Can it be true that the circus is not deserted and there is someone who preserves the old attractions from the oblivion being left in the footnotes of urban history and legends? Who is that baffling person making night rounds?

What is the secret he keeps in the depth of old circus and … Is it worth for casual travelers to chance their life in order to reveal it?


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